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Banner ads are only available directly from LDC Radio.
Banner ads are a quick and easy way to get your product or service seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers when they’re looking for things to do or listening to music on our website.

Our ads are available via impressions (how many times you want your ad to be seen). Banners are very good at standing out and will get your brand and product seen by a lot of visitors to the site due to the way they break up the normal formation of the landing page they are on.

We accept all industry standard sized ads – if you are unsure on the ad size you are looking for, we can advise on the best option for your product or service.

LDC Radio  – a new FM radio station for Leeds

A place where quality is more important than quantity and we don’t let ads get in the way of the user experience – both on and offline.

  • Our unique content is tailored to our audience, so much so that it captures more attention and drives more engagement than traditional adverts
  • Our listeners & readers are actively looking for entertainment, culture & things to do in the city, so you can be rest assured that our audience is genuinely interested in what you have to offer
  • LDC offers much more than just online ads; we have a range of advertising opportunities available. Contact us today for more info
  • We don’t over fill our website or programs with ads which gives our readers and listeners a better experience and helps ensure they view your messages positively

MPU Banner ad examples

CV Auto's MPU - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station-
Mini MPU - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station-
FSCS MPU - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station-

Top Banner ad example

Westrow Street l;ane Banner - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station-
Corner House Ad - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station-

LDC Radio – a media platform

Our content is incredibly diverse, created by the people – for the people. It is an up to date guide of everything going on in Leeds for consumers. You can find your community event, plan an evening out or look at some of the amazing cultural activities that Leeds has to offer. You can even get the lowdown on the news and sports developments in the city.

Day in, day out we produce a vast amount of local content for the Leeds city region that is unique. This culture driven content is then broadcast live – on the radio – everyday of the week to our target audience of over 400,000 people.

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SKY Scrapper Banner ad example

Fresh Jive - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station