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The Next 30 Days of Leeds

Mardi Gras Get ready for one of the most vibrant, exciting and vivacious events of the year! Mardi Gras – Proud in the Park offers everything you could dream of after 18 months of staring at your living room walls. With two stages, fairground rides, a craft tent, food and drinks, every minute is accounted for as you enjoy this amazing celebration of music and inclusivity. And even better, LDC […]

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Vinyl Sales Soar in 2021

In a world of the temporary and disposable, MRC’s recent data has shown vinyl sales have increased by 108% from 2020. Vinyl sales are up 108% 19.2 million vinyl have reportedly been sold in the first half of 2021, firmly cementing its return to popularity in the modern-day music industry. Although the volume of people streaming music has also grown in the first six months of the year, the significance […]

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Leeds by night - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station


Spoilt for Choice

Monday became the moment restrictions finally eased across the UK. It’s been months in the making and ‘Freedom Day’ was met with huge celebrations in Leeds, with many nightclubs opening at one minute past midnight to mark the occasion. But after so many months indoors, the sudden availability of entertainment, food, drink and social gatherings can be overwhelming. To help you make the most of this brave new world, we’ve […]

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New Study: Listening to Music Can Improve Exercise Performance- LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station


New Study: Listening to Music Can Improve Exercise Performance

The past 18 months have had a severe impact on the country’s mental health. A nine-month study by The Mental Health Foundation has discovered that the UK’s mental wellbeing is in a worse state now than it was at the start of the pandemic. This includes issues surrounding loneliness, suicidal thoughts and increased difficulties in dealing with stress. Improving Mental Wellbeing The NHS recommends physical exercise as an effective means […]

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LDC Radio 1 Year On - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station


LDC Radio 1 Year On

Last month marked the one-year anniversary of local Leeds radio station, LDC Radio. Opened in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the odds were stacked against its success. On the day of its launch, 16th June 2020, the UK was in the midst of the most severe health crises in recent history. COVID-19’s impact on the world’s economy has been devastating and caused almost a quarter of all businesses to […]

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What's on this July - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station


What’s on this July

It's the new month of reopening and we're ready to welcome in a time of eased COVID-19 restrictions. But even before 19th July, our vibrant city has plenty to offer. Here's a list of five things to get stuck into this month in Leeds: Secret Forest Party Image from: If you’re looking for a music event with a little more ‘mystique’ then look no further – the secret forest […]

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Young people urged to get COVID-19 vaccine - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station


Young people urged to get COVID-19 vaccine

The delay to the grand reopening on 21st June has come as a disappointment to many people in our city, including businesses and their customers. The reasons for this delay were outlined by the government last Monday, with a major element being their desire to offer all adults at least their first dose of the vaccines before restrictions are fully relaxed. Consequently, this responsibility mostly falls on young people, as […]

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Lockdown delays Leeds nightlife

The recent government announcement has dealt a blow to many nightclubs in Leeds as the easing of restrictions has been pushed back four weeks. This means many events set to take place on 21st June now face being pushed back to 19th July, a new ‘Freedom Day’ set out by Boris Johnson in recent changes to his lockdown roadmap. The initial plans laid out by the government hoped to “remove […]

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June 21st Opening Events

The day is fast approaching, and Leeds is ready: The Grand Reopening! 21st June marks the point on the roadmap all restrictions are due to be lifted and Leeds’s nightlife can finally get back on its feet, and we couldn’t be more ready for it. In preparation for the big day, we’ve compiled a list of events taking place to celebrate this milestone moment, so everyone in Leeds has the […]

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