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After a season that has oftentimes resembled a dream, Leeds United were brought crashing back down to reality last weekend in a dismal FA Cup drubbing at the hands of lowly Crawley Town, writes TV presenter and Whites fan Ben Shires.

We should have seen it coming; after all the League Two side had Mark Wright, Reality King, waiting to pounce from the bench, all tan and teeth. Much like the shows he’s famous for, the fairytale script, it seems, had already been written.

In fairness, I should admit that on the occasions I’ve met Mark Wright he’s been a thoroughly lovely bloke who has nothing but my best wishes.

Except when it comes to football; I wanted his Crawley side to be utterly decimated, the first scalp in a triumphant cup run that Leeds fans have been craving for decades. That didn’t happen of course. Instead it was another re-run of that perennial Leeds favourite, TOWIE (‘The Only Way Is Embarrassment’).

For the long-suffering Leeds United faithful, humiliating early round FA Cup exits are of course nothing new. The scars left by humblings at the hands of Newport, Sutton and Histon, yes who could forget Histon, are still painfully raw. But that was Leeds in the pre-Bielsa era, back when the Premier League ‘banter boys’ had all but lost interest in us and new lows were found and then sunk to on an almost weekly basis.


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