Sending LDC a Demo


Are you a DJ that is looking to get involved with LDC Radio?

If you would like to be considered to host a show on LDC Radio 97.8FM all you need to do is send in a demo!

  • Take the time to record a 30-60 minute mix for us (rather than sending us a link to an old recording of you just banging out tunes non-stop!)
  • Use the microphone to demonstrate your current mic skills, what we can expect to hear in the demo, tell us about the tracks that you’re playing…
  • We encourage creativity and ambition – Should your demo secure you a place on the team, have you an idea for a feature or segments within your show? Include that in the demo!
  • We also like resourcefulness! There are plenty of recordings available on our SoundCloud page where you could ‘borrow’ some of our station imaging / jingles for you to use in your demo.
  • Edit your show down to 15 mins (we don’t need to hear any more than 1 minute of a track playing on its own).
  • Share your 15min demo with us and send to

In the accompanying email, tell us about:

Your radio experience to date, your ambitions, your inspiration, what your strengths are, where you’d like to improve, what you’d like to learn, equipment that you use/ have used.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are selected to progress to the next stage, you will be required to complete a DBS check at your own expense.

More about us

LDC Radio is a dance music radio station for West Yorkshire, broadcasting DAB in Leeds & Bradford and on 97.8FM across West Yorkshire,


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