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In her latest column for the YEP, LUTV presenter Emma Jones doesn’t know how to feel about Leeds becoming everyone’s second favourite team.

I mentioned in my last article, written before the season began, that the focus would now have to shift away from promotion and towards how Leeds United pick up points in the Premier League.

Not many of us could have predicted the start the team have made. They’ve not only secured seven points from the opening four games but have produced performances that have sent shockwaves amongst the footballing establishment. Kyle Walker compared playing us with playing a basketball game, Gary Neville said it was like watching Rocky Balboa take on Apollo Creed when observing our last game.

We’re a welcome addition for the on looking pundits but an increasingly awkward proposition for our opponants. It’s been interesting watching the penny drop for those not used to viewing Professor Bielsa work his magic from the sidelines.

The only people not shocked with how we’ve approached games are ourselves.


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