LUTV presenter Emma Jones brings us her latest exclusive column for the YEP on Leeds United in the Premier League.

It’s been tricky to sum up how I feel about the defeat to Leicester City on Monday night. It’s always disappointing to lose any game, but some context helped ease any frustration. The Foxes are clearly a very good side, we missed some key players and we are still in our infancy as far as being a Premier League outfit.

So all in all, ‘frustrated but still upbeat’ was my final conclusion. You hear professional athletes talk about lessons learned after defeats. Stuart Dallas had immediately turned his attentions to Crystal Palace just minutes after full time. He knew exactly why they had lost and that the ruthlessness of the top flight is unforgiving.

Just ask Aston Villa! We arrived at Villa Park like a hurricane; the home side had no idea what hit them and we probably should have won by more goals. That and other performances this season are what gives us all heart and we know results like the Leicester one will come.

Bumps in the road, but we’re on the right track with the perfect driver in Mr Bielsa.


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