Corner House Ad - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station-

FM has found a new lease of life in Leeds Dance Community radio.

With the launch of the station earlier this year, LDC are changing the way young people interact with FM radio, a format that on the surface appears to be on its last legs.

With the decline of FM listenership and the incorporation of dozens of local stations into Bauer media, you wouldn’

t be alone in thinking that the time has passed for a radio revival. Yet after speaking with members of LDC, it seems that their action plan to get the younger generation involved evokes a sense of optimism for radio’s lifespan.

Growing up in the loving arms of pirate radio, resident DJ and co-founder of LDC Daniel James recalls a partnership between FM and modern music culture that looks to be lacking in contemporary local radio.

“It was an entire musical experience; you’d be out at nightclubs till the early hours, grab a few hours sleep and be up again, tuning in to the radio the next morning to hear the same music from the night before,” he says. “DJs knew what we wanted to hear and made the effort to give us exactly that, they cared about the music and us more than anything.”

It’s this sentiment exactly that LDC are striving to recreate; reaching out to a youth disenfranchised from FM, rebuilding a bond lost over time and giving radio a much-needed breath of life.

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