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Hosted by Gnasha & MUNGK

SND SYSTM CLTR will take you on a journey through underground electronic music. From abstract leftfield bass music to the weighty basslines of Dubstep, hosts Gnasha & Mungk will be showcasing the latest releases right back to its roots and all that fits in between. Catch their show bi-weekly on Mondays from 9PM to 11PM.

Currently based in Leeds, Mungk (pronounced ‘monk’) has grown a fast reputation. Not only in England but overseas too. Having received support from the likes of Commodo, J:Kenzo, Jack
Sparrow, Sicaria Sound and more, this recognition has only pushed Mungk to work harder, faster and smarter in pushing his sound to the masses.

Fusing dub/reggae production techniques with hip-hop style sampling and world music influences – all while staying true to the Dubstep/140 genre – Mungk has truly carved himself a unique path within the UK’s current bass music scene.

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