Trotie is a Leeds based DJ specialising in House, Bass House and Bassline!

He started off playing Hip Hop and R&B.. 22 years ago (!) but stopped due to having a family. Trotie returned to the DJ world 3 years ago as the bug and love for music took its hold again.

Since his return, he has played at Casa Loco’s at The Warehouse (Leeds), Bassfest at Bowlers (Manchester) and at One Big Getaway (Tenerife), to name but a few!

He has also featured alongside various big name  DJ’s such as Witty Boy, Shaun Dean, Big Ange and Ussy! He joined the Bass stream crew in 2018 and, soon, will be hosting a regular show – so keep a look out for that! You can also expect him at some big events coming to an event near you soon!!

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