Kaiser Chief and Leeds United fan Simon Rix on how we’ve all learned to speak Bielsa.

As we wave bye-bye to 2020 it’s safe to say it’s not a year that anyone will forget anytime soon-particularly not for us Leeds fans. Pablo’s magic at Swansea, the agony of Barnsley, and the celebrations at Derby may already seem like a million years ago- but the scores, the players and the emotions are certainly etched onto my brain for all-time.

2020 has also been a year of words. Hashtags, speeches, briefings, debates and commentary have brought us multiple new words, and in some cases new meanings. The people at The Oxford English Dictionary have given up on their ‘word of the year’ award this time around, on account of so many phrases, acronyms and sound bytes rising to prominence in 2020. The year in words so far reads: Bushfire, Impeachment, Acquittal, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Lockdown, Social Distancing, Reopening, Black Lives Matter, Cancel-Culture, Moonshot, Super-spreader – a commentary for chaos.

It feels like in a year where action and interaction have been largely denied- words themselves have become uncensored and infinitely more powerful.


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