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In his latest We’re All Leeds Aren’t We column, Kaiser Chief Simon Rix shares the ongoing frustration of all supporters currently missing their second home.

This week, someone asked me to write about last year’s gig at Elland Road for a book about Leeds United. With all that’s been going on, in both football and life, I had to double check the date – it honestly seems like eons ago now.

I’ve always thought that gig was as much a form of weird mass therapy as it was a concert. A celebration of Leeds with no strings attached, a chance for 20,000 of us to get back inside the stadium without the pressure or disappointment of football hanging around our necks. To put the previous season’s disasters to bed and look forward to the next, doing what we do best as a club and a city, we go again.

We know by now how it all turned out, and the only disappointment that lingers is the fact that we aren’t back inside our stadium sharing the joy of Bielsa-ball together. I don’t think I’m alone in saying I’m missing Elland Road, it looms there on the edge of the city like an empty mothership, beckoning as we make a trip to IKEA wishing we were were off to watch The Whites, IRL.


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