Kaiser Chief Simon Rix brings us his latest exclusive column for the YEP on his beloved Leeds United.

On a WhatsApp group I’m part of, we’re currently naming Leeds players with two or more Bs in their name- it’s Habib Habibou’s fault, and we’ve currently got to 20. We must be bored. 2021 hasn’t really kicked off in the manner we hoped, we’re all sat at home again, Leeds have lost three of three, with a generous seven goals conceded and none scored.

As the Whatsapp gains momentum, I’m reminded of BB (Before Bielsa) times, sitting uncomfortably in my beloved seat at Elland Road, watching yet another turgid game play out. I can’t remember exactly which one, but I’m pretty sure Steve Evans was in charge, and that after about 10 minutes we were all naming Leeds players with food related names. Peter Haddock, Trevor Cherry, I think Thomas B-Roll-in even made the squad. It was another one of those matches where the football had slipped steadily into secondary content elevator music and background colour – until we were pulled back onto the turf and reminded of the reason we were sat there in our cold seats in the first place. The moment, when against all expectation, Leeds scored.


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