Meet The Presenters

Sam Durgan

The After Party every Thursday night from 1-3 AM where you will be able to hear the unique style and track choices that have caught the eyes and ears of the Leeds dance music scene.

Piers Domleo - LDC Radio - Leeds No.1 Dance Music FM Radio Station

Piers Domleo

Piers is a Monthly guest on the Warm Up for the Weekend with Daniel James, bring the uplifting house vibes to the last friday of the month!



Anita Rose

Got a past that is catching up with me. Music has always been a passion of mine and a way to escape the 9 to 5 routine of day jobs in management development, education, training, recruitment and counseling.

Missy Lils

Mya is a long time entertainer and loves listening to different genres of music from the old to the new. You can listen to Mya every Thursday 1-4pm

Paul Bromley

Whether you were around in the 80s or not, enjoy the electronica, the up-tempo soul, dance, disco, power pop, early hip-hop and so much more from the decade that also witnessed the birth of house! Paul Bromley's 80s Experience at LDC Radio, Sundays from 3pm!

Glenn Pinder

Glenns life mainly revolves around his family and music. He plays drums in a band called Colin (long story) and has presented for many radio stations around the world as well as hosted many live events. He’s thrilled to be part of the team at LDC Radio

Danny Malin

Yorkshireman Danny Malin started his social media journey over the last couple of years creating content for his on socials and the Rate My Takeaway YouTube channel which has received over 60 million views in the last year alone.

Simon Goulding

Simon GSimon Goulding is 41, a professional partier, music producer and DJ! He has spent 40,000 hours playing behind the decks over 25 years all around the country.