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The Premier League champions’ 7-2 humiliation at Villa Park shed a new light on our epic opener.

It brought a twinge of doubt: should we be sat here on eight points, rather than seven? Were Klopp’s men there for the taking? But any of us would’ve been over the moon with seven points from our opening four fixtures. Particularly when we also faced billionaire outfit Manchester City. And as we’ve mulled things over during the international break, there’s a lot to smile about.

One thing that stood out for me in our 1-1 draw against Guardiola’s side was the speed of our response. During the opening quarter, we were poised for a rout. Sterling’s goal had been coming and we barely had possession for more than a few seconds. And whilst I’ve faith in our defenders, seeing De Bruyne and Mahrez tearing forwards made me do a little gulp.


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