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You can now access LDC content through the Amazon Echo and Google Home. We are currently working in the background to support even more voice devices so keep checking back to see.

What LDC content is available on Google Home?

LDC Radio live shows

You can listen to all your favourite LDC radio shows. Say: “Ok Google, play LDC Radio Leeds”

How can I get the LDC Radio Skill on the Amazon Echo?

To automatically enable the LDC Radio Skill say any of the following:

Alternatively, you can find and enable the LDC Radio Skill through the Alexa website or app. It’s free of charge.

You’ll then need to enable the alexa skill on the device. To do this, click on the settings button to add new skills in the Alexa app.

Your Alexa language must be set to English (UK) not English (US) for the LDC Radio Skill to work. For full details on setting up skills, visit the Enable Alexa Skills page on Amazon.

Problems playing LDC Radio on Amazon Echo devices

We’re aware that some customers are experiencing issues playing LDC Radio when using Amazon Echo devices. For example, sometimes the station or show isn’t found, doesn’t play, or the stream drops out.

We’re looking into this with Amazon. In the meantime, here are things that you can try:

We’ll update this page when we have any more advice.