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Afro beats to the world

Written by on 13 December 2020

Afro Beats , the official sound of many African people not just in Africa but all over the world , a genre loved by people off all nations and all races and is beginning to get the recognition it truly deserves now African artist are not only topping the likes of Billboard , iTunes and […]

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Matt Abbott: Leeds United are exactly where we need them to be – so let’s roll up our sleeves and make it count!

Written by on 14 November 2020

Poet, activist and Leeds United fan Matt Abbott says despite two heavy defeats there’s no reason to panic. Rodrigo pirouettes from the goalmouth after opening his Leeds United account. As his teammates congratulate him, Pep Guardiola grimaces and reassesses his tactics. Manchester City’s layers sluggishly lump the ball up-field for the restart. And during the […]

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EMMA JONES: Leicester was a bump in the road but we’re still on the right track with Mr Bielsa the perfect driver

Written by on 7 November 2020

LUTV presenter Emma Jones brings us her latest exclusive column for the YEP on Leeds United in the Premier League. It’s been tricky to sum up how I feel about the defeat to Leicester City on Monday night. It’s always disappointing to lose any game, but some context helped ease any frustration. The Foxes are […]

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