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Behind The Creative

Hosted By Wiremu

A RADIO show has a music first policy but also invites you to getting closer to the artists you love and know who’s behind the creative. We’ll also be exploring new music from the local area and more and every week will be putting out a full packed show, ranging from: Artist of the week, People’s choice, Interviews, Track of the week and more.. If you want to make it […]

Producer, remixer DJ and radio presenter Wiremu while staying true to the minimal and house and techno has been seen delving into interviews and staying in touch with artist and creatives a like. Worked with some big names while working for Redbull live recording events and engineering along side owning a Leeds based studio mixing and producing music thats seen him release on some well respected labels. You’ll see him grinding his way through to get to a place he deserves to be.

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