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Bod Min


That Saturday Show

Sponsored by Distrikt Bar

A show brought to you by Distrikt Bar on LDC Radio 97.8. Taking you across the spectrum of funky & soulful house via our hosts with guest mixes exclusively for the show from industry known djs & producers. A vision to intertwine the No.1 dance radio station in Leeds with the local nightlife. ———————— •Guest mixes •Guest interviews with event owners / promoters etc •Guest venue chats •Givaways (tickets for […]

Bod Min, co-founder of Sueño. has been making appearances around Leeds playing different style of music ranging from Minimalistic Deep House to ever so cheerful Disco and Soulful House.

With the upsurge of the Sueño. brand and the affiliation with the ABB team, Bod has supported a fare few big names out there such as Dudley Strangeways, Annie Errez, Monika Ross, Djoko, Dan Black and Jake Flory.

Now presenting That Saturday Show on LDC Radio with the ABB team Bod hopes to bring he’s personality to the airwaves every Saturday morning.

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